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What is ZenCash?

Do you have customers that owe you money (aka, "accounts receivable"?)
ZenCash can become your Virtual A/R Team.

  • Sync with your invoicing app

    ZenCash syncs with your current invoicing application so you don't enter any data manually.

  • ZenCash follows up

    Our receivables experts will place phone calls, send printed reminders, send emails, and utilize third-party collections if needed.

  • You get paid faster

    The end result for your business is reduced stress, time saved, and improvement in cash flow.

How It Works

1. Meet Your New A/R Team Leader

We will meet with you, usually over the phone, to discuss your specific invoicing process, your receivables situation, and any specific A/R needs you might have. Then, we'll put together your custom plan and get ready to put the plan to work!

2. Sync Your Invoicing or Accounting App

We retrieve the accounts receivable data (i.e., the open invoices and related customers) from the invoicing or accounting application you currently use. This allows us to see your receivables situation clearly to help you create your A/R plan — but also provides the necessary data each month for us to serve as your Virtual A/R Team.

3. Decide How Much A/R Help You Need

We can help you with ALL of your invoice follow-up, or work on just a few open accounts. You can decide what's best for your company.

5. You Get Paid Faster!

You keep sending invoices as usual, but on average you will get paid 20% faster with our special blend of disciplined, routine follow-up on those invoices. There's nothing like knowing that ZenCash has your back and is doing the hard work behind the scenes — while you move on to the next project.

Proof that ZenCash works

Alan Reeves - Sun River IT
Chris McKee - Venturity Financial Partners

Helps keep customers (and business owners) happy

ZenCash is currently one of my favorited apps in the Intuit Appcenter. I think it's brilliant and unique add-on to help small businesses and accounting professionals get paid quicker, and in the event that they don't? ZenCash will handle the legal collections.

The call from the A/R specialist takes that awkward call out of the hands of the small business owner or accounting professional and into those of someone with which the customer/client may not have such a personal relationship. ZenCash is a nice tool to have to help keep customers (and owners) happy. StacyQuickBooks (Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor & QB Online expert)

Full services A/R for a fraction of the cost

This is not your standard application. This application is simply a platform to enhance your financial operations with a full-services A/R department for a fraction of the cost. We drastically have improved all collections metrics, the service is fantastic, and they are excellent with clients. Highly recommended. JustinW1

Real people, flexible, easy to use

We always struggle with keeping our A/R pipeline coming in. Finally, these guys have created a solution that works for me. So here is what I love about this app:
  1. Real people on phone support.
  2. Automated A/R collecting process.
  3. Dashboard is clear and easy to use.
  4. Inbox keeps me in the loop on what is going on.
  5. Flexibility on general collections actions then you can specify for specific clients.
My biggest fear was that some of my big clients would feel hassled. The opposite has been the case. Everyone has been very supportive and the phone call people are very professional and kind to my clients.

I 100% recommend this app. Additionally, the price is about a cup of Starbucks a day. No brainer. HVACFlyin

Top features for your business

The Team

  • Your Own A/R Expert

    We will meet with you to discuss your specific invoicing process, your receivables situation, and any specific A/R needs you might have.

  • We Call For You

    Let our experienced, friendly experts become your A/R department or assist the one you have. Professional, friendly, effective.

  • U.S.-Based Agents

    All phone calls are made by real A/R experts inside the United States that speak English fluently. Spanish-speaking agents also available on demand.

The Software

  • Automatic Updates

    The moment you send a new invoice, our follow-up begins. The moment an invoice is paid, our follow-up stops.

  • A/R Intelligence

    Track average days to pay (ADP), invoice aging, concentration risk, year-over-year performance and more. Watch the cash flow in.

  • Set a Schedule

    Maximize payment success with a variety of communication channels. You decide the schedule or we will guide you on best practices.

  • Say Thank You

    When your customers pay, let them know how much you appreciate them by sending a thank-you note. Check a box to include a gift card for a special touch.

  • Group Your Customers

    Schedule different follow-up patterns for different types of customers and create groups to make it easier to manage.

  • Third-Party Collections

    If consistent follow-up doesn't work, you have the option to use our fully licensed and accredited third-party collections partner.


  • What does ZenCash do?

    ZenCash provides our customers with a virtual A/R team that tracks and follows up on invoices from the moment they are issued until they are paid. We send emails, make actual real-person (not automated) phone calls and send postal mail (note cards, reminders and thank-you notes) to remind customers to pay. We are well-trained and friendly, but also very effective. Customers that use ZenCash will typically collect 5 months of cash in the first 4 months they use us--effectively reducing their DSO by 30 days or more.
  • Why should I subscribe to ZenCash?

    There are two types of customers who benefit from ZenCash: ones who have poor A/R performance and want to improve, and customers who have good A/R performance and want to reduce their costs to collect. In either case, ZenCash could be right for your small business. We are a long-term solution that allows you to be more proactive in the way you handle accounts receivable. We help you put in place best practices and improve the overall quality of your business. We improve customer satisfaction and help you look professional to your customers.
  • Are you going to be a jerk to my customers?

    No. ZenCash has done a tremendous amount of statistical analysis and modeling on customer response and it turns out that your mother was right--it pays to be nice. According to our research, using a polite-but-efficient tone works better both initially and over time to get you paid. But what really moves the dial over time is when you start following up and the consistency of the follow-up. When you start early and contact happens in a consistent pattern, you get paid significantly faster. Want to hear one of our agents in action? Listen here.
  • Are your phone calls automated? Are they made from offshore call centers?

    ZenCash uses real, live people to place calls on your behalf. We don’t use autodialers or recordings. All receivables specialists are located in the United States and we have strict quality controls. All calls are recorded, so if you ever a question about a call, just contact our friendly Support Team.
  • I don't know where this fits. Is this an accounting app? What software do you replace?

    ZenCash does not replace your accounting or invoicing application (apps like QUickBooks, Zero, Harvest, etc.). Rather, ZenCash is part of a new class of receivables management applications that streamline and automate the process of getting paid in connection with your existing accounting or invoicing software. So we pick up where it leaves off and provide a full suite of follow-up software AND a follow-up team to help you get paid faster.

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