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The problem

  • My customers aren't paying me on time.
  • I don't have time to follow up consistently and methodically.
  • Often if there is a problem with an invoice, we don't know about it until it's too late.
  • My team wastes time tracking down status of invoices.

The solution

  • ZenCash Managed AR Service is a combination of our elegant software with a dedicated AR expert focused on your business.
  • We transform AR from something that's often overlooked and understaffed—into a disciplined, well groomed part of your company.
  • ZenCash Managed AR Service saves you time, improves your cash flow, and reduces stress related to unpaid invoices.

What's included?

Part 1

ZenCash SaaS Software

ZenCash is managed through an advanced web application. It is Software as a Service or "SaaS", meaning there is no software to download, no hardware or servers for you to purchase.

The application serves as the hub and primary scheduling interface for all receivables and collections activities. With the Managed AR Service, the ZenCash application is used by our team and yours—creating a seamless experience for management of receivables activity. Here are some of the key features:

  • Syncs with popular invoicing and accounting apps like Intuit’s QuickBooks
  • Enables global action timelines (send reminder on day 45, phone call on day 60, etc.)
  • Provides customizable messaging on printed thank you notes and tight controls over branding with your company name and logo (never ZenCash's)
  • Includes robust, in-application audit trails at both the account and invoice level

Part 2

Dedicated AR Help

During the setup process our team will create an invoice follow-up strategy that fits your business. Then, with your approval we begin taking action on your behalf. As a ZenCash Managed AR customer you get a dedicated AR phone number and dedicated AR email address that goes directly to our team. Thus, your involvement becomes “level 2” support—in other words, you are there to answer questions or discuss any customer issues that have been escalated by our team while ZenCash handles the first line of receivables support. The Managed AR Service includes:

  • Initial consultation and customized receivables best practices guide
  • A dedicated AR agent who gets to know your business and receivables dynamics
  • A dedicated AR phone number and email address, answered by your ZenCash agent
  • 100 AR phone calls
  • 100 AR emails
  • Up to 10 hours of special attention to aged invoices during the initial startup period
  • Up to 10 hours of initial data grooming to help fix missing or bad customer information
  • Unlimited access for you and your team to the ZenCash Receivables CRM software

Does this sound familiar?

Growth-oriented tech company

“We just don’t have time. Each week there seems to be an endless set of higher priorities. We know it's important, and that we should do a better job of following up on unpaid invoices, we just don’t. We’ll get paid eventually.”

[Reality check: You're putting that cash at risk and, no, you won’t always get paid eventually.]

ZenCash ROI

ZenCash makes sense for us because we can invest a small amount up front, and have confidence that we will see cash flow gains each month. We historically had about 20% of our AR still outstanding at the 120-day mark — so loss prevention, increased cash flow and stress reduction are what drove the ROI numbers for us.

Annual loss prevention $60,000
Annual cash flow improvement $150,000
Annual human capital savings $27,000

Results vary per industry and per client. Loss prevention includes revenues achieved that would have otherwise been lost due to lack of follow-up. Cash flow improvement includes cash receipts in the current year that otherwise would have been received in future years.

Larger, mature ad agency

“Our average days to pay is pretty good (45 days), but we’ve grown more aware of the high people cost to reach that number. Also, as our customers press for ever more favorable payment terms it kills any room for error on our end—meaning we have to be more diligent than ever while relying too heavily on our lines of credit.”

ZenCash ROI

We like the ZenCash Managed AR service because it allows us to keep our [higher-dollar] resources focused on tasks that are billable or that generate new business—while letting ZenCash do what they do best. For us, the ROI is all about people cost savings and the intangibles of lower stress and peace of mind related to doing AR well.

  staff Hrs/Wk Hr/Value Annual Savings
C-level & VP people costs 2 1.5 $400 $57,600
Sales costs 3 2 $100 $28,800
Finance / AR people costs 5 10 $40 $96,000
Total $182,400

Results vary per industry and per client.


Professional AR Management

Most businesses would assert that managing AR is one of those necessary evils—something that must be done well, but usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves. When we take over this process, you gain two things: executive oversight by our leadership team of your account, and direct management of the day-to-day of accounts receivables by your ZenCash AR representative. ZenCash uses AR strategies perfected by enterprises to get paid quickly and reliably.

Outsourced Actions & Collections

Our secret weapon? ZenCash’s world-class software with its drag-and-drop actions and collections support. We leverage the same high quality tools already built-in to ZenCash for efficient delivery of print & mail items, outsourced phone support, and when necessary, third party collections. During the setup process our team will create an action cadence appropriate for your business and then with your approval begin taking action on your behalf.

The third-party collections process is handled by our fully licensed and accredited collections agency partner, a 20+ year veteran of the collections business. Our collections agency partner is directly connected to ZenCash, so your collections claim is securely transmitted to them and managed inside ZenCash.

Pricing & Sign up

We are offering a limited number of Managed AR Service plans to companies with major AR pain. We are primarily interested in businesses that are on one of our supported accounting and invoicing platforms (see list below), but if the need is big enough we will explore custom connections to others.

ZenCash Managed AR Service Plan

Plans from $499/mo

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Not ready to sign up, but want to learn more?
Contact us at 214-580-2000 or

All plans include initial setup, integration with your accounting or invoicing application, our AR Engagement Guide, and monthly ZenCash Managed AR Service for one year.

Plans are priced according to number of accounts with open balances, number of invoices managed per month, and relative size of the AR backlog.

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