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Meet the New ZenCash Managed AR Service

We are excited to share with you the first of many great product announcements this year. This one originated from conversations with customers like you—and their frustration about how much time was being wasted on AR pursuits. The resulting product? The new ZenCash Managed AR Service.

Offload AR Tasks While Improving Cash Flow and Reducing Stress

The ZenCash Managed AR Service is the perfect blend of our elegant SaaS application with dedicated time from our AR professionals. The service allows you to offload all AR-related tasks to the experts—saving countless hours of your time each month, reducing borrowing costs and preventing lost revenues from non-collections.

Smart Companies Make Receivables A Priority

Most small and mid-sized businesses admit they hate dealing with unpaid invoices and usually the task suffers when things get busy. Don’t relegate your cash flow to “when you have time” – let ZenCash make it a priority and ensure you get paid, and paid on time.

  • Improve Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) through consistent and proactive follow- up on all receivables
  • Focus time and human resources related to accounts receivables and collections on more high-value activities
  • Discover a more systematic way to manage collections, minimizing emotional decisions that can impact the process
  • Create an audit trail with history of activities
  • Improve brand value and client retention through consistent, timely, print, and phone communications
  • Ensure tight controls over timing, messaging, and mode of follow-up so you keep the reigns while benefiting from ZenCash automation

Pricing and Sign-up

We are offering a limited number of Managed AR Service plans, starting with our current ZenCash subscribers. Pricing starts at just $499 per month.

Learn more here: ZenCash Managed AR Service

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